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Mimosas & Samosas: Bridal Shower

I wasn't allowed to be a part of the planning for my Bridal Shower but I of course insisted I be a the stationery designer for the date. That said, the games, food, and fun were all a surprise!

When my sister told me the theme was Mimosas & Samosas I fell in love! This theme exactly describes me. For the invitation (because it was going out with my mehndi party invites) I wanted it to follow the watercolour theme. I chose an orange colour base - similar to creamsicles shades, then added a floral motif in the same brush treatment as my paisley from the menhdi invite.

I also wanted to add a touch of laser cut - after all my shower was a backyard party and I felt the touch of laser cut at the top added a cute backyard feel.

Now I loved this invite so much I wanted to share the digital file with everyone as a template (no laser cut included). So if you want this invite visit our Etsy page and click here to purchase.

What we created:

- Invitation

- Fun Event Signs


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