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Lohri Celebrations for her and him

I love when couples break tradition and celebrate Lohri for little girls along with boys!

What's Lorhi? Well, it is a celebration of the first harvest in Punjabi, India. Often your first Lohri after your wedding and very first Lohri as child is celebrated with friends and family. Today this celebration has been elevated with fancy parties, often mimicking the size of wedding!

When my lovely sister-in-law asked me to design an invitation for my niece I knew I wanted to make this one special. She's the first girl in the family, so we needed to add a touch of sugar and spice and everything nice. Because that's what little girls are made of no? ;)

With a touch of sparkle I created this invitation that is now available on Etsy. And of course we did one in Navy for kiddos that aren't a fan of pink! Click here to view and purchase both!

To shop our other Lohri look: Click here


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