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A Rani's Art Deco: Puja & Sumit

Creating invitations for brides and grooms is my passion. I always like to hear their love stories, how they proposed, and what makes them unique as a couple - allowing these elements to direct my design. Now when it came time to designing my own invitation there was no consultation, I lived our love story thus far, I knew the proposal more intimately, and most of all I knew us.

That said, I had no idea where to begin. I actually reached out to my fellow stationery designers and asked them how they created their own invitations for their weddings. I asked my husband to be what he wanted, I asked people about us as a couple, and funny enough through those conversations I started to come up with some key references. My decorator actually helped too!

I've always had a love for art deco, and my husband to be wanted something that felt regal! Florals were a must because my only tip to my decorator was I wanted florals everywhere on my wedding. From there I created this invitation.

A boxed invite was my mom's idea, bringing in Indian tradition - but instead of mithai, we added chocolates. The box was a shimmer window box so that you could see the cover. Once taken out your hands touch the silk soft touch card stock and open the sleeve, filled with a gold foil - one of a kind art deco cover. Using Indian elements like the elephants (our favourite animal) to tie in both art forms. When you open the invitation there is a simple Ganesh at the top and tiered inserts, with the same florals in different colours to match the day of colour scheme. As well as a Durga illustration for the initial pooja ceremony.

For those who didn't get a box, we created gold envelopes with a design the mimic the cover + a real wax seal featuring the elephants we love.

As seen in: Wedding Bells Magazine


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